EC 312- OOP PPT & STUDY Materials

Module 1 [PPT] Module 1 [NOTES]
Concepts of OOP – Introduction to OOP, Procedural Vs. Object Oriented Programming, Principles of OOP, Benefits and applications of OOP.

Beginning with C++: Overview and Structure of C++ Program, Classes and Objects, Constructors and Destructors.


Module 2[PPT] Module 2 [NOTES]
Operator Overloading and Inheritance – Overloading Unary Operators, Overloading Binary Operators, Overloading Binary Operators using Friends, Manipulation of Strings Using Operators.

Inheritance – Multilevel Inheritance, Multiple Inheritance, Hierarchical Inheritance, Hybrid Inheritance. Virtual Base Classes, Abstract Classes, Constructors in Derived Classes, Member Classes: Nesting of Classes

Module 3 [PPT] Module 3 [NOTES]

Virtual Functions and Polymorphism – Pointers to objects, this pointer, Pointers to derived classes, Virtual functions, Virtual Constructors and Destructors.

Module 4 [PPT] Module 4 [NOTES]
Programming with JAVA – Overview of Java Language, Classes Objects and Methods, Method Overloading and Inheritance, Overriding Methods, Final Variables and Methods. Interfaces, Packages, Multithreaded programming, Managing Errors and Exceptions.

Module 5 [PPT] Module 5 [NOTES]
Introduction to Android : Setting up Development Environment, Basic Building blocks – Activities, Services, Broadcast Receivers & Content providers, UI Components – Views & notifications, Components for communication – Intents & Intent Filters,

Module 6 [PPT] Module 6 [NOTES]
Application Structure-Android Manifest.xml, uses-permission & uses-sdk, Layouts & Drawable Resources, First sample Application, Emulator-Android Virtual Device, Basic UI design, Styles & Themes, Content Providers-SQLite Programming, Case study –Develop an App to demonstrate database usage.

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