BE 103 Introduction to Sustainable Engineering – Syllabus & Teaching Notes


Module 1

Sustainability – Introduction, Need and concept of sustainability, Social- environmental and economic sustainability concepts. Sustainable development, Nexus between Technology and Sustainable development, Challenges for Sustainable Development. Multilateral environmental agreements and Protocols – Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Environmental legislations in India – Water Act, Air Act.

Module 2

Air Pollution, Effects of Air Pollution; Water pollution- sources, Sustainable wastewater treatment, Solid waste – sources, impacts of solid waste, Zero waste concept, 3 R concept. Global environmental issues- Resource degradation, Climate change, Global warming, Ozone layer depletion, Regional and Local Environmental Issues. Carbon credits and carbon trading, carbon foot print.
Module 3

Environmental management standards, ISO 14000 series, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) – Scope and Goal, Bio-mimicking, Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) – Procedures of EIA in India.
Module 4

Basic concepts of sustainable habitat, Green buildings, green materials for building construction, material selection for sustainable design, green building certification, Methods for increasing energy efficiency of buildings.

Module 5

Energy sources: Basic concepts-Conventional and non-conventional, solar energy, Fuel cells, Wind energy, Small hydro plants, bio-fuels, Energy derived from oceans, Geothermal energy.

Module 6

Green Engineering, Sustainable Urbanisation, industrialisation and poverty reduction; Social and technological change, Industrial Processes: Material selection, Pollution Prevention, Industrial Ecology, Industrial symbiosis.

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